Friday, November 05, 2010

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles Honors Richard (Dick) E. Venable

On October 27, 2010, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County announced the resolution in memory for Richard E. Venable, who passed away at the age 84 on October 20, 2010. The resolution was passed by acclimation at the monthly meeting of LPLAC Monday evening.

The resolution reads:

"Whereas Richard E. Venable was a dedicated champion of the libertarian cause and provided dependable service to the Libertarian Party, particularly at the statewide level and, notably as the longtime editor and publisher of the Los Angeles Libertarian newsletter.

"Whereas in that capacity, he was open-minded and allowed the expression of differing viewpoints from anyone willing to submit an article for publication--as long as it was not too long in coming past the deadline.

"Whereas the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County was blessed by his steady stewardship for many years.

"Therefore, let it be known that Dick's calm, quiet, good-humored presence, his refinement, generosity, understanding, and wisdom will be missed at conventions, from national to local. Furthermore his absence will be felt at supper clubs, at other regional events, and in our mailboxes (both electronic and otherwise).

"Therefore the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County wishes to express our deepest sympathy to Dick's and Gail Lightfoot's families."

Passed by acclimation this 25th day of October 2010.

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