Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video War Games -- Teaching Tool of the Welfare/Warfare State

When I was young and stupid, I loved to play war with my friends. Board games when we were indoors. Sticks and plastic guns when we went outside. Either that, or plastic toy soldiers.

The State counts on children's distorted, romanticizing of war. As cynical, wounded combat veterans return home, and are dropped into an underfunded V.A. health care system, a new generation of warrior wannabes is always waiting to grow up quickly so they can join the battlefield.

War toys have improved since I was young. Video wargames are addictive, and their images ever more realistic -- but minus the actual pain. What better way to desensitize children into becoming tomorrow's lean, mean, killing machines?

Get them "hooked" on the high of fighting virtual battles, without any consequences -- until they grow up, go to an actual war, and lose a limb or two...)

It's called militainment -- and a new documentary examines this creepy trend. Read the Hollywood Investigator's Returning Fire: Docu Examines How Video Game 'Militainment' Promotes War.

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