Friday, March 03, 2017

Dallas E. Legan II, RIP

We are very sad to report that our friend, KHC member Dallas E. Legan II, passed away on January 29, 2017, at County USC Medical Center, of cancer.

Dallas served our club as Senior Associate Facilitator and Director of Distribution, responsible for managing the mailing list and for other duties. He will be sorely missed.

Plans for a memorial service later this year are pending. We will keep all apprised of the memorial arrangement.

If anyone knows anything about Dallas's next of kin, please contact Mike Everling or Jay Jones.



Glenn Currie said...

I was friends with Dallas since High School in Victoria, Texas.
We camped out as Boy Scouts.
Later we camped all over California on my yearly trips to visit him until I became ill.

I have been so ill I have lost contact with most I know.

Thanks for posting this information regarding my old friend.
Sadly, this is the first reference I found of him, when after I rallied from illness,
and tried to find contact info on the Internet.

Glenn R. Currie

Glenn Currie said...

I have been ill and lost contact with Dallas.
I knew him from Boy Scouts when we did a lot of camping.

I used to visit him each year in Downey, and we would take off and camp
all over California.

I recently rallyed from illness, and went looking for Dallas on the Internet.

Your posting was the first info I found on him.

Rest in peace my friend. You opned me up to music, and classic Science Fiction.

-Glenn R. Currie