Thursday, April 22, 2021

Even Second Hand Marijuana Smoke is Harmful

Libertarians tend to be blindly (irrationally) defensive of marijuana. Because The State prohibited marijuana smoking for so long, it must be a good thing.

But consider these facts, taken from the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation website:

* Secondhand smoke from combusted marijuana contains fine particulate matter that can be breathed deeply into the lungs, which can cause lung irritation, asthma attacks, and makes respiratory infections more likely. Exposure to fine particulate matter can exacerbate health problems especially for people with respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, or COPD.

* Significant amounts of mercury, cadmium, nickel, lead, hydrogen cyanide, and chromium, as well as 3 times the amount of ammonia, are found in mainstream marijuana smoke than is in tobacco smoke.

* In 2009, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment added marijuana smoke to its Proposition 65 list of carcinogens and reproductive toxins, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. It reported that at least 33 individual constituents present in both marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke are Proposition 65 carcinogens.

* Secondhand smoke from marijuana has many of the same chemicals as smoke from tobacco, including those linked to lung cancer.

* Secondhand marijuana exposure impairs blood vessel function. Published studies on rats show that thirty minutes of exposure to secondhand marijuana smoke at levels comparable to those found in restaurants that allow cigarette smoking led to substantial impairment of blood vessel function. Marijuana smoke exposure had a greater and longer-lasting effect on blood vessel function than exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke.

* One minute of exposure to marijuana SHS substantially impairs endothelial function in rats for at least 90 minutes, considerably longer than comparable impairment by tobacco SHS. The findings in rats suggest that SHS can exert similar adverse cardiovascular effects regardless of whether it is from tobacco or marijuana.

* Secondhand marijuana smoke and secondhand tobacco smoke is similar in many ways. More research is needed, but the current body of science shows that both tobacco and marijuana smoke have similar chemical composition and suggests that they may have harmful cardiovascular health effects, such as atherosclerosis (partially blocked arteries), heart attack, and stroke.


Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Samuel E. Konkin III Archive Project

Victor Koman writes:

I have a lot of Sam’s papers, notes, calendars, and letters to and from libertarian luminaries such as Murray Rothbard, Bob Kephart, Sharon Presley, Karl Hess, Tibor Machan, Wendy McElroy, Lew Rockwell, James J. Martin, Robert Shea, Robert Anton Wilson, Kerry Thornley, Chris Tame, and many others.

Not counting the back issues of New Libertarian magazines and newsletters I sell via KoPubCo, I have around a dozen file boxes and a couple of filing cabinet drawers filled with SEK3 material.

Sam has been gone 17 years last Tuesday. Rothbard, Hess, Shea, Wilson, Thornley, Martin, Tame, Bill Patterson, John Puglsey, Ken Gregg, Butler Shaffer, Neil Schulman, Brad Linaweaver, and many others of our circle are all gone.

And I’m no spring chicken, either. (At this point, who among us are?)

I’ve created a subdomain on the KoPubCo website called, which already has some of what I have been scanning in on my own over the past year. My goal is to scan in every scrap of Konkinabilia I possess and make all of it (except the most personal) available in The Agorist Archives. What I’ve done this week is to establish a GoFundMe fundraiser to subsidize this effort so that I can work it on a daily basis and (I hope) finish the task in 2021.

The last year has been crazy, and many of us have suffered financially from COVID-related statism, so I’m not asking you to donate (but I’d be very grateful if you found that you had the ability to).

What I’m asking — if you know anyone who might have the means and an interest in Agorism, Counter-Economics, and Liberty — is for you to forward them this email or simply direct them to the GoFundMe link in the next paragraph. Think of the guy who bragged to you about buying Bitcoin ten years ago when they were only a couple of bucks each and is now richer than Crœsus.

If you want to know more, check out the fundraiser at GoFundMe. There’s a video in addition to text and photos explaining this project in depth. GoFundMe allows (and encourages) the person raising funds to enter email addresses into their database to send out the initial announcement and updates.

I haven’t done that with any of your email addresses, out of respect for your privacy. However, if you would like me to add you to the GoFGundMe email address list, reply and let me know that you "opt-in". I believe that donors and the curious can also sign up on the site to receive notifications whenever I post an update.

Donations can also be made through PayPal. and we are working on accepting crypto.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this and for looking at my GoFundMe page. I won’t send out anything further unless you opt in by request or by adding your address on the fundraiser page. My next post on the GoFundMe site will include a list of everything I already have that this fundraiser will not have to pay for!

Yours in liberty,

Victor Koman, PhD
Publisher, KoPubCo
Head (OK, SOLE) Archivist, The Agorist Archives

Friday, January 29, 2021

Coronavirus Closure Update No. 13

It seems more likely now that on-site, and perhaps even indoor, dining may be available by our next meeting in February. We will confirm our plans at the time of the eMinder.

The silver lining, if there is any, is that the delay afforded Linda a bit more time to formulate her commentary based on the changes we are already seeing and on the policies we might expect from the incoming powers.

We regret the delays and also the delayed opportunity to gather in our “agora of good manners” so as to enjoy community. In spite of this, we hope you are well and wish you the best in the new year during these difficult times.


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Coronavirus Closure Update No. 12

Again, unfortunately, we must suspend our program at least until February due to unavailability of our venue.

The silver lining, if there is any, is that the delay affords Linda a bit more time to formulate her commentary based on the changes we are already seeing and on the policies we might expect from the incoming regime.

We regret the delay and also the opportunity to gather in our “agora of good manners” to enjoy community. In spite of this, we hope you are well and wish you the best in the new year during these difficult times.


Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Joseph Miranda Discusses Cyberwar Gaming

KHC member Joseph Miranda discusses cyberwar gaming.


Monday, December 21, 2020

Coronavirus Closure Update No. 11

Michael B. Everling writes: 

We spoke to the manager at Dinah's on Saturday, December 19, for an update on availability.

Sorry folks. No KHC in December, due to the continuation of the closure of on-site dining in Los Angeles County. YES, this is getting a bit tedious. Thus, we regret having to stand down yet again this season.

Our plan now is to move Linda's program to January 2021, and trust we can enjoy her presentation then. Jay Jones will also host Linda at the South Bay Libertarian supperclub that month.

These do seem to be “the times that try men’s souls.” Let's keep a good thought that our republic may endure. (In God We Trust) 

With that in mind, let us wish all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and a Happy New Year in 2021! Blessings all. We live in hope next year will be a bit brighter




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tom McClintock's Recommendations for California's November 2020 State Ballot Propositions

California Congressman Tom McClintock offers his recommendations on California's November 2020 state ballot propositions:

Proposition 14 – Brewster’s Billions: NO. “Brewster’s Millions” tells the story of a fictional character in 1902, who, in order to inherit $7 million, must first spend $1 million in a year and have nothing to show for it. In 2004, California voters were convinced to spend $3 billion on Stem Cell research – or about $260 (plus interest) for every family in California. A recent report found that $2.1 billion went to beneficiaries with links to the board that doles out the money. That money is now all but spent, with nothing to show for it. So, they’re back with another bond, this one for $5.5 billion (about $478 per family). This is amusing only as fiction.

Proposition 15 – How Not to Succeed in Business: NO. From the “How Tone Deaf Can They Be” file comes this proposal to reassess businesses annually in order to hike their property taxes. That’s because the state-ordered lockdowns, the arrests of shopkeepers trying to keep their businesses going, combined with California’s highest-in-the-country income and sales taxes and anti-business regulations, have left California’s small businesses flush with cash. It is still possible to build a successful small business in California, as long as you start with a successful large one. And remember, businesses don’t pay taxes: YOU pay business taxes, as a consumer through higher prices, as an employee through lower wages or as an investor through lower earnings (think 401k).

Proposition 16 – Judging People by the Color of their Skin and Not the Content of the Character: NO. In the Parents Involved Case of 2007, Chief Justice Roberts noted that “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” California voters had come to the same conclusion when they passed Proposition 209 in 1996, which forbids state government from discriminating or giving preferential treatment “on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in public employment, public education, and public contracting.” Prop 16 repeals this civil rights protection for all Californians and opens a new era of official discrimination based on race.

Proposition 17 – Bank Robbers for Biden: NO. If there were any doubt of the Democrats’ contempt for the electorate, this should dispel it. This bill gives felons on parole the right to vote. Enough said.

Proposition 18 – High School Voters: NO. Wait, there’s more! Here’s a proposal to give 17-year-olds the right to vote in primary and special elections. Democrats are counting on their good judgment, experience and common sense to counter the influence of their nagging, annoying and totally unreasonable parents.

Proposition 19 – Fire Sale: NO. Right now, parents can leave the family home to their family without a crippling property tax hike. This bill ends that exemption, purportedly to add more money for firefighting. It’s a good bet that more family homes will be lost in fire sales than in fires.

Proposition 20 – A Step Back from the Abyss: YES. Long version: This measure repairs some of the damage of Jerry Brown era laws that have made California less safe. It increases penalties for many theft and fraud crimes that Brown reduced to misdemeanors, requires convicts to submit DNA for state and federal databases and restores the ability of parole boards to keep dangerous prisoners behind bars. Short version: Jerry Brown opposes it.

Proposition 21 – Rent Control with Nothing to Rent: NO. There’s an old soviet-era saying, “What good is a free bus ticket in a city with no buses?” The same is true of rent. Rent controls are very effective at drying up the supply of rental housing in any community where they’re imposed. Those currently renting do very well, but they hold on to their old apartments and landlords stop building new ones. Presto: nothing to rent – but at a very affordable price.

Proposition 22 – Let My Uber Go: YES. One of the worst bills ever enacted by the California legislature (and that says a lot) is AB 5, that essentially ended independent contracting in California. This measure exempts app-based drivers, meaning independent contractors put out of work by AB 5 can still take an Uber to a free state.

Proposition 23 — Bringing Venezuelan Heath Care to Dialysis Patients: NO. Two years ago, SEIU tried to impose price controls on dialysis. They lost and are back with this measure that imposes onerous and expensive requirements to have physicians on duty at dialysis clinics and prohibiting them from going out of business without state approval. This will help dialysis patients by assuring higher prices and will help encourage new clinics to open by forbidding them ever to close. Makes perfect sense.

Proposition 24 – When in Doubt, Don’t: NO. This measure purports to expand consumer privacy, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a consumer privacy group, calls it “a mixed bag of partial steps backwards and forwards.” Here’s what is crystal clear: it will unleash a new regulatory agency with vast powers to prosecute businesses that run afoul of the increasingly intricate consumer privacy laws in California. Another nail in the coffin of the once “Golden State.”

Proposition 25 – Catch and Release: NO. When suspects are arrested, they’re jailed until posting bail to assure they show up for trial. Surprisingly, many suspects don’t want to; go figure. Jerry Brown and the lunatic legislature did away with this process in 2018, replacing cash bail with “risk assessments.” This law was temporarily suspended pending this referendum, but the leftist Judicial Council did away with bail for most crimes during the COVID scare, resulting in the arrest, immediate release and subsequent re-arrests of criminal suspects the same day for different crimes. A NO vote would repeal this insane law.