Thursday, May 30, 2019

KHC Is Not Affiliated with the Libertarian Party

Michael B. Everling writes:

With respect, we wish  to remind everyone that while some members of the KHC are dues paid, card carrying members of the Libertarian Party (including, so far, your humble Senior Facilitator), the Karl Hess Club is an independent, voluntary and volunteer unincorporated association not in any way officially affiliated with the Libertarian Party, nationally, statewide or locally, or with any other political party, society or group.

Karl Hess Club is completely unaligned in terms of political policy, though its ideology may justly be described as libertarian, or classical liberal, or paleoconservative or paleolibertarian, which is to state, the values held are consistent with those embodied in the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights.

To reiterate, the KHC is not, has never been, and never will be an official constituent part of the LP on any level, or of any other political party, society or group, notwithstanding publication of club notices in various party, society or group communications, listservs, and the like. These should not be construed as endorsement in either direction.

The brief of the KHC is to provide a venue for open discourse on a wide and deep variety of subjects, entertaining ideologically diverse points of view, in a welcoming and civil environment (i.e., in an “Agora of Good Manners”), and in a way that our members will find to be informative, enjoyable and enlightening. All are welcomed.

We gratefully appreciate your understanding and forbearance.