Sunday, June 29, 2008

You may have already heard the sad news that our friend and brother in Liberty Vince Miller has passed away from complications of coccidiomycosis or Valley Fever. He had been hospitalized since June 5 and unconscious since that time.

For your information we enclose the text of the eMail we received
Saturday June 28 From ISIL/Laissez-Faire Books:

"Vince Miller died this morning at approximately 8:15. Per his
instructions he will be cremated. Vince asked that no formal funeral be held. A celebration of his life will be held at a future date. In lieu of cards or flowers those wishing to honor him are asked to contribute to Vince's life cause, the International Society for Individual Liberty. The most appropriate way to show appreciation for Vince is to do something for liberty. It was his passion and his great love."

Contact Jim Elwood or Jim Peron at ISIL for more information.