Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Conservative Zombies, Liberal Vampires

Apparently, vampires films are more popular during Republican presidencies. Zombie films are more popular under Democratic presidencies.

S. Peter Davis theorizes that it's because conservatives/libertarians see the Left as vampires, while liberals/progressives see the Right as zombies.

It's a amusing article. Even better, Davis cites my book, Vampire Nation, as proof of his thesis.

Read his lively article.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ed Moss 1937 - 2011, RIP

California libertarian Gail Lightfoot, who is well known to many Karl Hess Club attendees, announces the sad passing of another California libertarian -- Ed Moss.

Gail writes:

"Ed Moss died Wed Aug 31, 2011 of respiratory failure following gall stones leading to gall bladder inflammation, pancreatitis and sepsis. Heart surgery was performed because of a left coronary artery occlusion preventing gall bladder surgery until recovery from the cardiac surgery. The sepsis and respiratory failure repeated to cause problems so he was in and out of two hospitals and two care centers from June 17, 2011 sometimes recovering and other times declining.

"Two days before he died he gave a short piano concert at the care center asking the listeners to identify the music he played.

"A memorial was held by his church members on Sat, Sept 10, 2011.

"In cleaning out his apt, we are finding stacks of awards and records of all his DeMoley, Toastmasters, Optimists, various special training certificates [F/R, sales, Grant writing] showing his continuous desire to improve his knowledge and effectiveness. Most of us had no idea the many directions his life took over the year.

"A photo gallery showed him changing appearance through the years. At one point [70s] he had a goatee - black."