Friday, September 10, 2010

Movie Muslims -- Films That Reflect Their Humanity

In this time of rising bigotry against our fellow Americans who happen to be of Muslim heritage (including some "libertarians" who engage in hate), it's good that Hollywood has produced some films that reflect the humanity of Muslims.

Monday, September 06, 2010

I'd Rather be in Libertopia...

Joseph Leibrandt requests that this be posted:

I'd Rather be in Libertopia...

Where peace, prosperity and freedom reign -- a voluntary society based on mutual respect for each individual’s ownership of his/her own body and property.

Libertopia is an annual festival of freedom, community and art for sovereign individuals. It is a unique experience -- a three-day gala packed with renowned speakers, banquets, parties, films, music, art and social networking.

Over thirty leading thinkers in the movement for a voluntary society include philosophers, economists, political scientists, law professors, entrepreneurs, and artists who give short, informative, exciting speeches with ample time for question and answer interaction.

There will be breakout sessions and time to visit the exhibitors’ hall. Social networking is emphasized and enabled in a number of ways, including time-outs for interaction and celebration.

Films, music, literature and art are shared. At a sumptuous awards banquet, three individuals will be recognized for their lifetime achievements in advancing the ideas of sovereign individuals, peace, freedom and a voluntary society.

Join us at Libertopia 2010 in Hollywood for the first time gathering of sovereign individuals. Whether you are a long-time freedom activist or someone who is brand new to these concepts, you are welcome to join us in the celebration of individual independence.