Saturday, February 19, 2005

California Libertarian Party Passes Key By-Law Changes; LPLAC Elects Officers

Day One of the Convention, the Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County had a mini-convention during the California LP convention. Officers were elected, to serve until June. David Larkin was re-elected Chair. Mike Binkley was elected Vice Chair. Dave Wire re-elected Treasurer.

Day Two of the convention saw two key By-Law changes passed. The first change grants greater financial autonomy to the county LPs at the expense of the state LP. This was done partly to comply with FEC regulations.

The second By-Law change allows the entire delegation to vote for the 10 At-Large Reps to the CLP's executive committe. Until now, the five largest "regions" each elected one At-Large Rep, and the remaining delegates elected the other five.

As a result of the second change, one outraged county chair announced that he would run against Aaron Starr for CLP Chair tomorrow. Until now, only the Southern Vice Chair post was contested.

Many other By-Law changes, mostly of a house-keeping nature, were also passed.

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