Friday, July 08, 2011

Ben Pleasants Holds a Reading for Ghosts of Pumpkin Park

Frequent Karl Hess Club attendee Ben Pleasants held a reading for his new play, Ghosts of Pumpkin Park, earlier this summer. It was hosted at Frances Rose's home.

Last May, Pleasants discussed his recent literary works at the Karl Hess Club.

Fellow KHC attendee Joseph O'Neill (below, far left) was among the guests, who read parts from Ben's play. Pleasants's wife, Paula, is sitting behind O'Neil.

Kathleen Rose took these photos at the event.

Apart from his plays, Pleasants's is a novelist and journalist, whose articles include When Bukowski Was a Nazi, Dan Fante: Man on Fire, Charles Bukowski Taught Me 'How to Write a Short Story', When Ask the Dust Was Forgotten, and Hawaiian Princess: Marc Forby Tells the Tale of Princess Kaiulani.

Pleasants's novels include Spearmint Leaves, and his latest, The Victory of Defeat.

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