Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pointless Saudi Bashing from the Left

Today on Air America Radio, Randi Rhodes made the "point" that the 19 9/11 hijackers were mostly Saudis. Michael Moore has made the same "point" in his film. My question is ... so what?

The implication seems to be that Bush should have attacked Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq.

First off, I don't think the Left really believes this. Had Bush attacked Saudi Arabia, the Left would be bashing Bush for that. There are many (many, many) good reasons to bash Bush. But the Left does so largely irrespective of any good reasons. They attack Bush largely because he is a Republican. Clinton's wars drew little outrage from the Left.

(Yes, Clinton had more allies in the Balkans, but so did Bush I in the Gulf War; yet the latter was not spared from Leftist criticism).

But more importantly, the hijackers' nationalities are irrelevent because (1) individuals often act independently, and (2) governments often hire foreigners to do their dirty work. Thus, the hijackers may have been acting alone, or on the behest of ... [fill in the government of your choice].

A criminal's nationality is irrelevent to anything. So why do some on the Left keep harping on the hijackers being Saudi? I think because they (rightly) oppose Bush's Iraq War, yet they still feel the need to offer Americans a foreign target, in order to prove that they're pro-national security. Which is silly, but I suppose that's considered politically prudent in a nation gripped with war fever.


Ontario Emperor said...

Actually, the United States should attack the United States. Most if not all of the presidential assassins/attempted assassins came from the United States.

Wild Bill said...

Thank you for calling it as you see it. Its nice to see some clear thinking for a change.
I think the Michael Moore's of the world are more interested in stirring up trouble to sell movie tickets rather than make a legitmate point.
By the Leftist thinking, we should attack Idaho...the primary residence of Timothy McVeigh.